What is my address?

Your address is as follows: 

Room number

1 Victoria Road (Blocks B-D)

260 Victoria Road (Costume Store)

North Acton, London

Since we are a big hall, different postcodes apply to various floors:

Block B: Floors 1-3 inclusive: W3 6FA

        Floors 4-6 inclusive: W3 6FU

         Floors 7-10 inclusive: W3 6AB

Block C: Floors 1-4 inclusive: W3 6AP

         Floors 5-9 inclusive: W3 6AQ

          Floors 10-15 inclusive: W3 6AR

Block D: Floors 1-6 inclusive: W3 6BU

          Floors 7-12 inclusive: W3 6DD

          Floors 13-18 inclusive: W3 6DT

Can I have my Oyster card sent to me before moving-in?

Yes, but only after you find out your full address, including room number. Usually the room number will appear on the first invoice that you pay in order to move in. Please note that you can only have the Oyster Card sent to you before arrivals. Your Oyster card will be placed in your mailbox. 

What can I do if I lose my swipe card?

 If you lose your card, replacements can be obtained during the day from the security office in the Sherfield building; first 2 replacements are free, subsequent replacements will cost £10 each. If you loose your card and are unable to replace it, Reception will be able to give you access to your room. If your card doesn’t work, you can also come to the Reception desk to sort it out.

What do the rooms come equipped with?

A typical en-suite room will include the following: a bed, study desk, chair, wardrobe, shelving, desk lamp and curtains. There is a bathroom in every room, but the kitchen is shared with other students (typically around 8-9 students per kitchen). Please note that bedding and cutlery are  NOT provided

Can I put a poster on my wall or on the door?

Do not attach any tape or Blue-Tac to your walls or doors under any circumstance, marked surfaces will incur a charge.

How can I report broken or damaged item?

 If you find a broken item on your arrival, this is something you need to include in your inventory form (which you can find in your welcome envelope). The inventory form is compulsory to fill in within first 2 weeks after your arrival and you’ll find it on eHalls.  

During the academic year, any defects must be reported on  eHalls. For more urgent matters (e.g. flood), please go and speak to Reception staff immediately. 

When will my room get cleaned?

At the start of each term, the room cleaning schedule will be posted in each lift. For each room number, there will be 3-4 dates on which cleaning is scheduled. You do not have to be at home – just be aware of the dates on which your room will be accessed for the purpose of cleaning. 

Where can I collect my post?

Your post will be found in the mailboxes behind the reception area. Any large packages or letters requiring a signature will be received by the Reception – just go to the desk, check the Mail folder for your name and show your ID card in order to collect the parcel. Please note that Reception will not receive food orders on your behalf – you will have to be at home to receive these orders yourself. 

Where can I wash my clothes?

The laundry is located in the basement level and contains washing machines and tumble dryers. The machines are operated by  Circuit Laundry and you will need to download their app to use them. A wash costs £2.30 and a dry costs £1.20. Ironing equipment is available, as well, free of charge.

Where is the nearest medical centre?

You are required to be registered with a GP practice during your stay in halls. You are strongly recommended to register with the Cloister Road GP upon arrival (you can find the registration pack in your welcome envelope), since this is the closest to Woodward. Please take the filled-in form yourself to the GP, located just 10 min away from halls. Note the international (i.e. non-EU) students are required to bring their passport upon registration. 

The nearest hospital with A&E unit is Central Middlesex Hospital, close to ASDA and around 15 min away from halls (check the map in the local info tab for more details). 

Which vaccinations do I need to have when registering with the GP? 

  Check the NHS link below for the list of vaccinations.


Check with your previous doctor if you have received these vaccinations – if not, you will be strongly recommended to sign up for the free-of-charge vaccination clinics that are taking place in October. 

Your question not here?

Email us on woodward.wardens@imperial.ac.uk !