Welcome to  Woodward Buildings

 Rising up to 18 storeys, we take pride in being Imperial’s largest and newest Hall of residence. Each year, we become home to over 800 students (!) as they embark on their university life.

Our Hall consists of 5 multistorey residential blocks: B, C, D, The Costume Store (TCS) and Holbrook, all located in the close vicinity of the North Acton Tube station. We are closer to a tube station than any other Hall, so getting to and from central London has never been easier!

We have a dedicated team of Wardens, Subwardens and Hall Seniors who are here to support you. In addition, we benefit from a 24/7 Concierge with on-site Security, as well as a Housekeeping team. 

With a great and vibrant community comes a great set of modern facilities such as a rooftop terrace, great London views, games room, study areas and music rooms. Join us for the most enjoyable and rewarding student experience! 


Make sure you are prepared for your arrival by following these 4 easy steps:

1. Read the Hall rules

You will be required to sign that you agree to the Hall Rules before receiving your key 

2. Join the Facebook group

And follow us on Instagram! Stay up-to-date with news and get in touch with other Woodwardians 

3. Get your event tickets

This is where you can get entry to the Freshers’ Week events – not to miss! More details on the link below:  

4. eservice, ehalls

 Make sure you have registered and uploaded your picture on Student eService. Next, register on eHalls BEFORE your arrival.

Directions and parking on the moving-in day

Please follow the College link below for useful information regarding Woodward area public transport and parking on the moving-in day: 

Woodward move-in

On Duty today

The duty warden replies to the emergencies and welfare number and can be reached between 19:00 – 8:00 on weekdays and all day during the weekend/holidays. Outside these hours, you will be assisted by Woodward Concierge. 

Emergency and welfare

Please call: +44(0) 7739 299 516 or extension 57855 (from a College landline phone).

For non-urgent matters, email us on woodward.wardens@ imperial.ac.uk

Woodward concierge

For on-site security and facilities, please call +44(0)20 7594 9971 or extension 49971. For lockouts, come speak to the Reception desk directly. 

warden Office hours

Between 7-8pm during term-time, you can come to the Warden Office and talk to the duty subwarden directly. Borrowing of games/mattresses only available during this time.  


Report them on eHalls (scroll down to the “Defect Report” tab on your left-hand menu). Please speak to the Reception team for urgent matters. 




Freshers’ Week

*events requiring tickets – others are free to attend!

Casino night

Towers’ Pub Quiz

Games night

Show your Colours*

WW Welcome Party

Woodward Freshers’ Ball*

Free pizza

Pub Quiz prizes

Cheese and Wine night

Highlights from our previous events:

Latest news 

Stay tuned for more announcements!

We will start posting news, student life tips&tricks and announcements during the academic year

Our Wardening Team

Our Wardening team consists of 2 Wardens, 2 Senior Subwardens and 17 Subwardens. 

Mark Kennedy


Mark is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Organisation in the Business School and Director of Imperial Business Analytics. He did degrees at Stanford and Northwestern (MBA, PhD). Research-wise, Mark studies how people collectively categorise things and decide that something is new for real. Away from work, Mark relaxes by playing the guitar, being active, cooking for family and friends and taking part in pop-culture from sports to film to both high and low-brow TV. Mark is looking forward to meeting you and helping you make a stellar start to your time at Imperial! 

Victor Pedrosa


Hi, I am Victor, one of the Wardens of Woodward Buildings. I live in block C with my lovely wife Maria. I am just finishing my PhD and starting as a Research Associate at the Department of Bioengineering. I work with computational neuroscience, trying to understand how our brain works. I am particularly interested in the brain’s unique ability to learn and form new memories. I am from Brazil, where I got my degree in chemistry and my masters in physics. In my free time, I like to run in the park, cook and sculpt! I look forward to meeting all of you!

Lewis Jones

Senior Subwarden B Block

Lewis is a 4th year Palaeobiology PhD student, focusing on the impacts of climate change on life in the past. Outside of his PhD, he enjoys scuba diving, travelling, hiking and the occasional Netflix binge. If hiking is also your thing, keep an eye of this year’s events for his annual hiking trip. Previous trips have included Snowdon, Wales and Three Yorkshire Peaks, Yorkshire Dales. Lewis has been around the block once or twice, living in Woodward for the past three years. If you have any questions about the student life, halls, or even the local area, he will be happy to help! 

Helena Lund-Palau

Senior Subwarden TCS

Helena came to Imperial in October 2016 for a PhD in Gene Therapy for Respiratory Diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis. She graduated from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and ever since starting her undergradute, she intercalated her studies with various research internships abroad – USA, Canada and Europe. She enjoys meeting new people and seeing new places, but at the same time she understands the challenges of being abroad solo – she will be there for a chat whenever you want need. Helena is an active person who enjoys field hockey, bouldering, cycling, running and sailing. She also loves music, movies and cooking. 

Geraint Northwood

B block subwarden

Geraint is starting the second year of his PhD in Martian geology after completing his undergraduate and master’s at the University of Cambridge. He is originally from St. Albans, but maintains that he is ‘definitely not posh’. Any of his servants would tell you the same. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, running Dungeons & Dragons, and cooking some delicious vegan food. He’s excited to meet all the newcomers and his door is always open.

Paul Jurj

B block subwarden

With a genuine affability coupled with a pinch of humour Paul is a friendly exponent of its kind-He started his journey in a rustic village in western Romania where he spent his early years, but he ended up in different places during each stage of his education, from village to city, bigger city and finally London, so he understands how daunting massive changes are for Freshers. Paul is much into sports, books, politics and travelling, but if the Fresher doesn’t share his interests, he will find an excuse to talk about hid PhD in Particle Physics or his (so far) 5 years of experience at Imperial!

Sofia Piticari

B block subwarden

Sofia is a second year PhD student in Organic Chemistry, currently in her 6th year at Imperial, after having completed her undergrad here as well. She really enjoys life in London and is looking forward to sharing some of her tips to help you settle down easier. Food is one of her biggest passions (or soft spots!) and she likes learning about foreign cuisines. Besides food, Sofia also likes travelling, hiking, cycling (not in the busy London centre though!), attending gym classes, watching TV series and going to theatre plays and West End musicals. She always enjoys a tea and a chat and she’s looking forward to meeting you soon! 

Navneeth Ramakrishnan

C block subwarden

Hi – I’m Navneeth! I was born in India and lived in Singapore for around 12 years before moving to London last year. I enjoy learning about quirky, weird and mostly useless things and so I’m a PhD student in the Computing Department doing research on quantum information theory. Other than that, I love Formula One and you’re welcome to join me in watching a race on a Sunday afternoon. Finally, I’m wondering if I should have written all that stuff in the third person, but too late now!

Iuliana Maria

C block subwarden

Iuliana grew up in a small peaceful town in Romania before joining Imperial in 2012 for he undergraduate degree in Chemistry. She is now going into her final year of PhD in October, working on the synthesis of organic semiconductors. In her spare time, Iuliana enjoys travelling, experiencing different cultures and wandering around London’s museums and bustling markets. She is a big fan of eating out and trying new restaurants and bars, but you will also find her experimenting (and very often failing) in the kitchen. Iuliana also loves attending group fitness classes as iGym, so fell free to contact her if you would like to join. She is looking forward to meeting you in October! 

Ryan Howard

C block subwarden

Though his accent might deceive you, Ryan is actually from the Wirral and spent his childhood out and about in sunny Liverpool. He moved south for his undergrad degree in Natural Sciences at the university of Cambridge, where he could express his passion for the performing arts as much as reasonably possible within the constraints of a pure science degree. After a brief scrape with The Outside World, he retreated to the comforts of academia and is now a third year PhD student in the Chemistry Department, in the field of Chemical Biology. Ryan loves coffee, his Nespresso machine is his prized posession and is always keen for a chat over one is you have any worries or questions.

Anastasiya Malyshava

D block subwarden

Anastasiya studies Bioengineering and she is going into her first year of PhD at Imperial having graduated from the University of Edinburgh. Anastasyia is driven by direct social impact and aims to apply her research in synthetic biology in ways that will give a tangible output. Apart from the studies, she has many hobbies: dancing Salsa and Bachata, playing violin in her free time, drawing and occasionally attending photography workshops. She simply admires aesthetics and beauty in everything, so feel free to join her in wandering around London exhibitions – she is hoping to share her experience and passions with you! 

Nadia Hoyas-Perez

D block subwarden

Nadia is a second year PhD student in the Chemistry Department. She comes from Madrid, Spain, where she did her undergraduate years at the Complutense University of Madrid, with finishing her final year here at Imperial as an Erasmus student (she immediately fell in love with London!) Nadia is declared as an animal lover, as she grew up surrounded by all types of animals – she also loves sports such as figure ice-skating and boxing, although she is a very pacific girl. However, her main hobby is salsa dancing. Don’t hesitate to knock on her door for chat, company or advice!  

Aaron Wilson

D block subwarden

Aaron is about to start his final year of his PhD in Planetary Science at Imperial after completing his undergraduate and masters at the University of Manchester – he is a bit of an Astrophysics nerd and loves a good theoretical physics debate. Originally, he hails from the glorious North East and he tries to live by that northern as much as possible, although he loves to think he has lost most of his Geordie accent. He is a big American football fan and can often be found watching the games on a Sunday evening at the pub. Feel free to go join him anytime or just chat. He is looking forward to meeting you soon! 

Mohammad Beit-Sadi

D block subwarden

Mohammad is the best thing since sliced bread which, by the way, is totally overrated. He’s starting the third year of his PhD in data-driven fluid dynamics. That is a fancy way of saying if you have an easy enough linear algebra problem, he may be able to help. He has been at Imperial for the past 6 years, so he knows a thing or two about navigating the turbulent waters of student life. He’s into politics, economics and history. You may spot him listening to an audio-book or a comedy special while wandering around. Feel free to say hi, he can’t wait to welcome you here at Woodward 🙂

Maria Valkova

Subwarden TCS

Maria is an Imperial Aeronautics graduate, currently at the beginning of her third year of PhD in the field of Multifunctional Composite Materials. Having grown up in London, she looks forward to welcoming you to this beautiful city and has a ton of suggestions for places to explore. Getting lost in the city centre on a summer evening is a must! Her interests are varied and include photography, travel, hiking, model rocketry, baking, sewing, music and good TV (recommendations are most welcome!) Maria is super excited to meet all of you sweet people and her door is always open for a good chat over a cup of tea and baked goodies 🙂

Adam Marks

Subwarden TCS

Adam was born and raised up in Cornwall and is starting his 3rd year as a PhD student in Chemistry. This will be his 7th year at Imperial after previously completing his undergraduate here. Whilst it was initially a culture shock moving from a small seaside town in Cornwall to London, Adam is now used to hustle and bustle of London life. He would be more than happy to share his experiences and help new students with this transition. He is always happy to lend a friendly ear and is very much looking forward to meeting the new students and making them feel part of the Woodward community in October. 

Alexa Segal

Subwarden TCS

Alexa is from Philadelphia, US and this is her third year as a subwarden at Woodward! She is doing her PhD in Health Economics at Imperial, though her background is in Epidemiology and Public Health. Alexa is extremely outgoing and excited to learn about the healthcare, culture, favourite foods and recipes that everyone has to share. So come and talk to Alexa about anything! Her main interests include travelling, wine, cooking and baking, gin and tonics and and anything non-related to US politics =)

Ana Dobre

Subwarden TCS

Ana is a first year Chemistry PhD student coming from Bucharest, Romania. Having lived in London for the past four year, Ana has graduated from Imperial and had been both a Fresher and a Hall Senior in Woodward (hence she knows how to make the most out of living in North Acton!) Her research focuses on ionic liquids, which are basically molten salts with some very interesting and often confusing properties. In her spare time, Ana enjoys reading, watching movies and playing games (both the board and the video kind) and she is very passionate about NOT losing at said games. Believing that any situation can be improved by a mug of hot drink, she owns a sizable collection of teas. Ana looks forward to meeting everyone and hopes she can help make your first year of uni a great one! 

Sophie Griggs

Subwarden TCS

Sophie is originally from Kent in the South East of England and she had been living in London for the last five years, completing her MSci in Chemistry at Imperial. She was even a Fresher in Woodward the first year it opened! She enjoys swimming, running, baking and chilling out in front of the TV. She also loves travelling to new countries or exploring new cities and especially trying out the local cuisines. Sophie is very friendly and will always be an approachable person around halls should you need a cheerful chat or some advice!

Rein Leetma

Subwarden TCS

Rein first moved into Woodward-TCS for the first year of his UG Biological Sciences degree in late 2016. Staying on as a Hall Senior after that, he is shaping up to be a Woodward ‘lifer’. He is continuing his studies as an MRes/PhD student in Biomedical Research, figuring out how mitochondria in our cells affect competition between those same cells. Even though he’s a blatant extrovert, he does like to settle down sometimes and read a non-fiction book, or plan trips abroad that he’ll never be able to afford. Having gone through thick and thin as an undergarduate at Imperial, he has faced many of the same challenges that some of you will no doubt encounter in the upcoming years. 

Charlie Muir

Subwarden D Block

Charlie is a third year Aeronautical Engineering PhD student focusing on small-satellite propulsion systems. He is originally from the west midlands in the UK but has lived in London for the past four years and enjoys exploring everything the city has to offer. With particular interests in climbing, live music, watching movies and playing football. He is very happy to share these interests with new students and his door is always open for anyone who has any questions, wants a political discussion or just needs someone to talk to!


Subwarden TCS 

Aneisha is currently studying for her Master’s in Molecular and Cell Biology (fellow biologists if you have any related questions feel free to come to her!) She hopes you guys are settling in to Woodward and having an amazing time. She remembers what it was like going from sixth form to university so if you have any questions or just want a chat about anything at all you can just pop in! She enjoys bouldering even though she’s not great at it (there is a great centre in Acton Town) as well as crazy golf and can often be found enjoying a pint at The Bull in Shepherd’s Bush. She’s excited to get to know you all for the upcoming year!

Meet the Hall Seniors

Seniors are very friendly undergraduate students who have already experienced the Freshers’ year and have plenty of tips to share with those just settling in their uni life. They are the chosen ones who will carry out various roles to fuel the Hall’s social scene, from organising free brunches and sports days to helping to set up parties, tower challenges and more chilled movie nights. 

*Below: seniors 2018-2019, new seniors TBA soon!